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VMware Authorized Consultant

At DirNet Solutions, we are a VMware Authorized Consulting partner, providing specially trained and accredited professionals. Our consultants are VMware Certified Professionals on ESX2.5 and VI3. Here is a sample list of the services we offer our customers:

  • VMware Infrastructure Jumpstart

    This engagement provides a combination of software installation and knowledge transfer. This workshop style offering includes the installation of the Virtual Center management server and multiple ESX servers while transferring expert knowledge and VMware best practices to your administrators. At the completion of this service offering, your administrators will be able to install, configure and manage your VMware infrastructure.

  • VMware Infrastructure Jumpstart with Physical-to-Virtual Migrations
  • This engagement includes the services of a standard VMware Infrastructure Jumpstart plus the migration of several existing physical servers to the virtual environment.

  • VMware Business Continuity Workshops

    This workshop will help your team understand business continuity issues and explore various strategies to increase availability and shorten response times when faced with service disruptions and disasters. This engagement can be added on to the VMware Infrastructure Jumpstart service offering.

  • VMware Virtualization Assessment

    The VMware Virtualization Assessment service is designed to assess a customer's current IT infrastructure, by collecting performance statistics and inventory data from pre-selected computers to determine the feasibility for virtualisation. The information collected is used to generate a Virtualization Assessment report providing server consolidation and server containment scenarios using the desired customer target platform. The report can also contain a preliminary Total cost of ownership and return on investment analysis.

  • Virtual Architect/Administrator

    DirNet Solutions offers a VMware certified professional to perform certain functions, such as managing or optimizing the customer's environment, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, according to the specific needs of small, medium or large-scale companies. This provides our customers with someone who has an expert knowledge of the VMware products at a fraction of the cost.

  • Custom Solutions and Services


To reach DirNet Solutions, contact:

Robert Desmarais
VMware VCP and CommVault Consultant
Cell:        (613) 851-0937

  • Business hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time